Wow, the sun is out for the week at least and I have launched a full-scale attack on the long, neglected garden. There’s a wicked wind blows through the Downs of Kent and my fence, which is meant to be vertical, seems to be leaning toward 75ﹾ. I’m cracking on with that but it hasn’t stopped me concentrating on my writing.
Barney Teaches Addition has gone to print early but due to some technical issue with the print it will now be available at the end of this week. Meanwhile, a good friend who is passionate about wildlife, shared a story about two hedgehogs wondering through her garden and it reminded me of two that we watched strolling casually down our own garden path.

I can’t say at this point, when the book will be completed but I intend to contribute a margin of any profit to the Hedgehog Preservation Society, and why not?

Bill and Daisy Hedgehog