Book 5, Barney Teaches Addition.


The King of Frogs from Bushy Bog has a problem that he feels only Barney can help with and asks him to teach the baby frogs some basic maths. This rhyming story teaches the frogs addition from 1 to 10 and It’s a great story too.

Barney clapped his Magic paws which made everyone look, they all saw desks in front of them and each one had a book.

Ollie started lesson one as Skimble walked the aisle, and as she passed the little frogs, she gave each one a smile.

One means it’s just single and that means there’s only you, if you add another one, well one plus one makes two.

That’s two frogs so add one more or you could just add me, which-ever way you do it, one plus two makes three.


Fully illustrated, rhyming, children’s book 5 of 5.

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