My Story

Hi, I’m Ken Hayward, Author and Illustrator of the Ginger Furry Pussy Cat series. I was born and raised in a mining village in what was the West Riding of Yorkshire, England and while a career in the Coal Mines (Darn ‘t’ Pit) was considered inevitable my parents persuaded me to look further afield.

At 15 years of age I joined the Royal Navy and by the age of 19 I had covered at least half of the globe on an Aircraft Carrier before joining the fantastic world of submarines, almost every day was a unique adventure. The rest of the world came later and I have never lost the fascination of travel and culture.

Fortunately for me the Navy encouraged its younger sailors to write home often and it became a must do that kept Mum and Dad up to speed with a constant barrage of mail. They got the adventure stories from around the world and I kept the poetry to myself at least for the time being.

Seventeen years as a Sailor and the Directorship of two engineering companies to follow, the writing stayed with me. The sudden invasion of our home by a real Ginger Tom cat prompted the poem ‘Ginger Furry Pussy Cat, which prompted the series of children’s books. Now, some 20 years on and with much encouragement from my wife, I am fulfilling a dream by sharing my love of writing and art with those who will hopefully enjoy them the most.