My Ginger Cat Adventures

The perfect gift for your children to start reading and enjoy engagement with books.

Ken Hayward

Book 1:
A Fun Adventure to keep children enthralled

It all starts here but how does it end?

We’ve had a little visitor come calling to our house,
A little Ginger Furry thing the opposite of Mouse.
I’ve dreamt of catching Pussy Cat for what must seem like years,
But did not take into account the SIZE of Pussy’s ears.

Ken Hayward

Book 2:
Ginger Cat on more fun adventures

The GFPC just can’t avoid getting himself into hot water but that isn’t always the case.

Ginger Furry Pussy Cat you really are a fool,
To think a cardboard boat would float inside the garden pool.
Sailing on wet water wasn’t his idea of fun,
So GFPC changed his mind, he’s going to the sun.

Make sure you pay attention Mums and Dads, there’s a quiz at the end of the story. (don’t worry, the answers are at the bottom of the page).

Ken Hayward

Book 3:
A new name and a new home

Gran has fallen in love with GFPC and now calls him Barney but with three cats, a fluffy doggy and sometimes even a mouse she realised “We need a bigger house, somewhere pretty with lots of hills and flowers, it will be our new home”. She’s found a house that’s built of stone, with a straw roof which Gran had grown. “How are we going to get there, Gran? I know someone who has a van”.

As usual someone needs rescuing but could GFPC be the hero this time, and just who was the little creature who sneaked into the back of the van? Read all about the move to Bushy Wood in ‘OUR NEW HOME’. Even more fun with a quiz and colouring pages.

Ken Hayward

Book 4:


Who doesn’t know Santa, well Barney the Ginger Furry Pussy Cat has never heard of him and neither had Ollie, Fluffy Doggy or Skimble so seeing him in their living room late one night gave them such a scare they all ran upstairs to hide. That is everyone except Fluffy Doggy who bravely chased Santa into the garden shed. He chased the big dark shadow and he disappeared inside. “We’ve got to rescue Fluffy now,” Barney and Ollie cried. Little did they know that, once inside the shed they would be whisked away to Santa Land on a carpet of magic Fairy Dust where they would meet the elves, Santa’s reindeer and play games with melting snowmen. Skimble, wasn’t sure about leaving Gran behind so she waited in the snow where she made friends with the Fairy Queen who taught her all about what fairies do. It wasn’t long before they all returned and told Gran all about their adventures but Gran already knew. Everyone had gone to bed when Gran turned out the light. She knew Santa Clause would visit sometime in the night.

Ken Hayward

Book 5:


Who’s that tapping Barney thought, I’m trying to get to sleep…. Suddenly he found himself beside the garden shed, wishing he was indoors in his warm and snuggly bed.

Barney had become a local hero to the Bushy Wood wildlife and the King Coloured Frog of Bushy Bog had a problem that only Barney could resolve.

Read how the baby frogs learn to add numbers from 1 to 10 when Barney becomes a teacher in this, the fifth colourful and rhyming book of the Ginger Furry Pussy Cat series. ‘BARNEY TEACHES ADDITION’.

Oh my, we’ve come a long way and we’re doing really fine

You know what’s coming now though, one plus eight makes nine.

Just one more and we’ll be done, or we could start again

Haha, I’m only joking. One plus nine makes number ten.

A magical adventure which explains sums simply and will keep your child’s attention to the end.