About Me


Hi I’m Ken

Having left my Yorkshire mining village home at the tender age of 15 to join the Royal Navy I suddenly found myself experiencing amazing adventures across the globe and whilst enjoying the sites offered by the Mediterranean, the Far East and New Zealand, I also got into the habit of writing home on a very regular basis, keeping my parents and other close-knit relatives updated on what the world has to offer.

I became a Submariner at the age of 20 and found what little spare time I had, suffered from a lack of entertainment and that’s where the poetry and fantasy writing began.

Some years later and settled into an engineering career I was sat at home in the late hours writing a report when I heard the Cat Flap in the next room. I knew my cats were sleeping and found a stray ginger cat helping himself to their food. My first and only mistake was to pick him up with the intention of showing him the door when he sank his teeth into my finger and made his own way out.

That was the inspiration for my first poem about the Ginger Furry Pussy Cat which was written that night in the mid 90’s and now, after much encouragement I have finally turned this and many other poems into books I sincerely hope you and your children will enjoy.

Beautifully written rhyming prose with enchanting illustrations