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About My Books

First, the Ginger Furry Pussy Cat (GFPC) series. Although there are six books on the home page, there are only five books published, the sixth; Bill & Daisy Hedgehog, is free to view on you tube. The books are rhyming and very adventurous with visits to space, Santa Land and lots more. The final book Barney Teaches Addition does just that, from 1 to 10, and it's magic of course.
Floordrobe to Wardrobe is a humorous, one off manual showing how to; for those young enough to break free from the security of Mum, Dad, or both.
The Queen's Pirates is, hopefully the first of many novels for the adventurous amongst us.

About My Paintings

Currently, my paintings are acrylic and portray nature mostly. Although the originals are available only once (obviously), each one is available to buy as a print, which is available in various sizes. Please visit the Shop page for more information.

Delivery Service

As soon as your order is received and payment confirmed, your order will be processed. Every effort is made to ensure delivery is actioned the following working day, or in exceptional circumstances, within two working days via the Post Office. Once your order is posted, you will be notified via the contact details provided by you.

Customer Testimonials

Great present idea for those little people in your life. Amazing children's books by the lovely author Ken
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Annabelle Withane
Ken, your books are fantastic, great for the age group you're aiming at, well written great illustrations and nice little quiz at the end. Kids will read them over and over again. Please keep turning these out.
Jim McCann

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