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The Ginger Furry Pussy Cat Is The Burglar

Poor Gran couldn’t understand why her cats were always hungry until one day she found a Ginger Furry Pussy Cat helping himself to their food. How was she to deal with this cat burglar and was she prepared for what happened when she caught him?

The Ginger Furry Pussy Cat Is The Traveller

Gran had grown to love the Ginger Furry Pussy Cat as much as her own cats but his constant need for adventure gave her a lot to worry about. In the latest adventure the GFPC goes too far but a phone call to Gran made her feel so happy she decided to give him a name as well as a home.

Ginger Cat Adventures  for 2-5 year olds

Just who, or what is the GFPC? The Ginger Furry Pussy Cat is a cat without a name, a home and no-one to love him. That is until the night he burgled Gran’s house looking for something to eat and somewhere to sleep for a while but GFPC wasn’t careful enough and was shocked when he found Gran and her cats had caught him eating their food.

Was this the end for the Ginger Furry Pussy Cat or just the beginning of a new life.

Find out where the adventures take him and his new found friends in the first two books of a new series.

‘GFPC, Cat Burglar’ and ‘The Traveller’ will take you on rhyming adventures you will never forget.